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Strimple Systematic Theology Lectures - Free MP3 Downloads

In celebration of Dr. Strimple’s 30+ years of service to WSC, his popular lectures in systematic theology are available for FREE as MP3 downloads.

  • Course 1: “God’s Created Image” on theological anthropology (17 lectures) - Click to download.
  • Course 2: “Christ Our Savior” on Christology (39 lectures) - Click to download.
  • Course 3: “Salvation in Christ” on soteriology (49 lectures) - Click to download.

In October 2010, a tribute to Dr. Strimple by WSC president Dr. W. Robert Godfrey was published in The Ordained Servant, a publication of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, the denomination in which Dr. Strimple has served as a member and minister since 1970. In the tribute, Dr. Godfrey recounts the ways Dr. Strimple has served Christ as minister, a teacher, a scholar, a churchman, an administrator, and an institution builder. To read the tribute, click here: Dr. Robert B. Strimple: A Tribute.