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Always Reformed: Essays in Honor of W. Robert Godfrey

Always Reformed, edited by R. Scott Clark and Joel E. Kim, is a collection of essays in honor of the sixty-fifth birthday of our president, professor of Church History, and friend, W. Robert Godfrey. The contributors to and editors of this volume want to communicate our admiration for Bob and his work by trying to elaborate on some theme, question, or area of study that he has pursued in his career. We hope that Bob and the other readers of Always Reformed will enjoy and benefit from reading the essays half as much as we enjoyed and benefited from writing them. 

The volume is 284 pages in hardcover and available now through The Bookstore at Westminster Seminary California. Order online or call (760)735-2665.

The table of contents, preface and chapter 11 of the volume are available for download. We recommend that you view these PDFs in Adobe Reader.

Table of Contents (download as PDF):

Preface: Our Man Godfrey—R. Scott Clark (download as PDF)

I. Historical
  1.   Christology and Pneumatology: John Calvin, the Theologian of the Holy Spirit—Sinclair B. Ferguson
  2.   Make War No More? The Rise, Fall, and Resurrection of J. Gresham Machen’s Warrior Children—D. G. Hart
  3.   God as Absolute and Relative, Necessary, Free, and Contingent: the d Intra-Ad Extra Movement of Seventeenth-Century Reformed Language About God—Richard A. Muller
  4.   “Magic and Noise:” Reformed Christianity in Sister’s America—R. Scott Clark
  5.   Karl Barth and Modern Protestantism: The Radical Impulse—Ryan Glomsrud
II. Theological
  1.   Reformed and Always Reforming—Michael S. Horton
  2.   Calvin, Kuyper, and “Christian Culture"—David VanDrunen
  3.   History and Exegesis: The Interpretation of Romans 7:14–25 from Erasmus to Arminius—Joel E. Kim
  4.   John Updike’s Christian America—John R. Muether
III. Ecclesiastical
  1.   The Reformation, Luther, and the Modern Struggle for the Gospel—R. C. Sproul
  2.   The Reformation of the Supper—Kim Riddlebarger (download as PDF)
  3.   Preaching the Doctrine of Regeneration in a Christian Congregation— Hywel R. Jones
  4.   Integration, Disintegration, and Reintegration: A Preliminary History of the United Reformed Churches in North America—Cornelis P. Venema
  5.   Epilogue: The Whole Counsel of God: Courageous Calvinism for a New Century—W. Robert Godfrey

Office Hour Interview with the Editors

To celebrate the occasion of Bob's sixty-fifth birthday, the latest episode of Office Hours is dedicated to Always Reformed: Essays in Honor of W. Robert GodfreyListen to the Office Hours episode

The Presentation to W. Robert Godfrey

To celebrate the occasion of Bob's sixty-fifth birthday, the volume was presented at a special chapel on October 5, 2010. Listen to or view the presentation.

Comments About the Book

Through his teaching at, and leadership of, Westminster Seminary in California, Robert Godfrey has had a significant impact both on the confessional Reformed churches at large and upon the lives and ministries of many pastors and leaders. These essays, by an esteemed group of friends and colleagues, are a fitting tribute to his life‘s work and, indeed, a helpful resource on the history, theology, and practice of the faith which he himself has done so much to promote." 
—Carl R. Trueman, Professor of Historical Theology and Church History,  Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia 
Most great theologians and historians of the past are moving targets, so that we speak of the ‘early’ and the ‘later’ man. John Calvin is a notable exception. In this, as in many other ways, Dr. W. Robert Godfrey emulates his sixteenth-century mentor. In the decades that I have known him, Dr. Godfrey has been a consistent Calvinist, a worthy mentor, and an engaging friend and conversationalist with a fascinating array of diversified interests. His doctrine and life are a seamless piece of his seminary vision for comprehensive, consistent, Christocentric, and committed Calvinism. Editors Scott Clark and Joel Kim, together with the prestigious Reformed authors of this unusually insightful and provocative festschrift, have done a marvelous job in showcasing this vision from a variety of angles....Bob is eminently worthy of this page-turning festschrift, and it is worthy of him. If you are interested in growing on issues that relate to the cutting edge of the Reformed faith today, read this book. You will be informed, edified, challenged, and inspired.”
—Joel R. Beeke, President of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids
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