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Friday, January 15     

6:00PM  Registration check-in, Bookstore open
7:00 Welcome
7:10        PLENARY I: “Montanus, Topeka, and Sister” — W. Robert Godfrey 
7:55  Stretch Break (10 minutes)
8:05 PLENARY II: “The Holy Spirit in our Confessions” — J.V. Fesko 
8:50 Dismissal/Refreshments


Saturday, January 16

8:00AM Registration check-in, Bookstore open
8:30  Welcome
8:40 PLENARY III: “The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament” — Bryan D. Estelle 
9:25 Break/Refreshments (20 minutes)
9:45 PLENARY IV: “The Holy Spirit at Pentecost” — Dennis E. Johnson 
10:30 Stretch Break (10 minutes)
10:40 PLENARY V: “The Holy Spirit and Preaching” — Julius J. Kim 
11:25 Lunch
12:50PM PLENARY VI: “Sanctification” — Michael S. Horton 
1:35 Break (20 minutes)
1:55 Questions & Answers — Speaker Panel
2:45 Dismissal


Conference 2016 Invitation: 

Session Descriptions

PLENARY I:  “Montanus, Topeka, and Sister: Pursuing an Age of the Spirit” 

W. Robert Godfrey 

At various times in the history of the church, leaders have emerged claiming new or renewed blessings from the Holy Spirit that will remake the church. Montanus to Joachim of  Fiore to Aimme Semple McPherson, Christians have been challenged to expect more from the Spirit. What does church history teach about such expectations and how should we react to them today.

PLENARY II: “The Holy Spirit in our Confessions: Absent or Present?

 J.V. Fesko 

Contemporary critics have contended that the Holy Spirit is absent from the major Reformed confessions. Contrary to this contention, not only is the Spirit present, but we have overlooked a number of insights regarding the person and work of the Spirit as it appears in the confessions.

PLENARY III: “The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament: The Holy Spirit in the Torah, Prophets, and the Writings

Bryan D. Estelle

This talk with discuss the role of the HS in the Hebrew Bible: creating and recreating, writing, testifying to, and guiding the Hebrews. Examples will be taken from many portions of the OT to demonstrate the active role of the Spirit during the period of time represented by the OT.

PLENARY IV: “The Holy Spirit at Pentecost: We are Biblical Pentecostalists

Dennis E. Johnson 

Jesus’ outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost was the capstone of his redemptive accomplishment in history, as God promised through the Old Testament prophets and John the Baptist. Now in the new covenant the Spirit of God (who empowered Israel’s kings, prophets, and priests) distributes to all believers his diverse gifts, to enable every member of Christ’s body to serve others and foster the growth of the whole church.

PLENARY V: “The Holy Spirit and Preaching: The Need for Presbyterians and Pentecostals 

Julius J. Kim

Many Christians, in the pulpit and the pew, regularly confess this ancient creed: “I believe in the Holy Spirit.” How many state the following with the same conviction: “I need the Holy Spirit!” This session will address the conviction that the Holy Spirit is absolutely necessary for both the one preaching the sermon and the one hearing it.

PLENARY VI: “Sanctification: The Holy Spirit in the Ordinary”

Michael S. Horton

The Spirit is often sought in extraordinary ways (dreams, visions, and exciting movements and events), Scripture teaches us that the Spirit works through the ordinary means of grace instituted by Christ.  It is through these ordinary means that the Spirit brings about his extraordinary “new creation” in this present age.