Westminster Seminary California
Two More Graduate Videos

We have shown you three of the five graduates who addressed their peers and families at our most recent graduate reception, an event that takes place on the eve of graduation. Listening to these students speak about their experiences can be encouraging as well as helpful to those who are considering coming to seminary. In the first video, found here, Dan Borvan talks about his time at the seminary. Dan graduated with both an MDiv and an MAHT. His thesis was on Faustus Socinus, the father of Socinianism, a 17th century version of Open Theism. Dan's address clearly shows, as our President, Bob Godfrey, likes to say: "We take the Gospel seriously, but we don't take ourselves too seriously." Dan has recently relocated overseas to pursue doctoral studies.

The second address, found here, is from Sherenne David. Sherenne graduated from our MA in Theological Studies. She was a missionary-associate intern at her PCA church in San Diego. She participated in women's ministries in India, and she now works with Mission to the World. 

You will be blessed to watch both of these videos and see seminary from the students' perspective. 

8 / 19 / 2011