Westminster Seminary California
The Word on the Street: Living in God’s Two Kingdoms

We here at VFT are excited for one of our colleagues, Dr. VanDrunen. His latest book, Living in God's Two Kingdoms is getting noticed in a number of places. Carl Trueman, Vice President for Academic Affairs at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia listed it among five books that people should consider reading. You can find his comments here. Also noteworthy is that First Things editor, Christopher Benson, listed Dr. VanDrunen's book among the top twelve notable books of 2010. And note, that the quotation Benson cites comes from the 9Marks review of the book. You can find it here. Lastly, the Weekly Standard also reviewed Natural Law and the Two Kingdoms, a related book by Dr. VanDrunen, which you can find here. If you haven't had a chance to read the book, grab a copy. See what the buzz is all about!