Westminster Seminary California
The Law Is Not of Faith

The seminary has received some inquiries regarding a book edited by three of our faculty members, Bryan Estelle, J. V. Fesko, and David VanDrunen, The Law Is Not of Faith. You can find a sample chapter of the book here, Dr. Fesko's essay on Calvin and Witsius on the Mosaic Covenant. 

Concerning the book The Law Is Not of Faith the faculty of Westminster Seminary California makes the following observations:

1. The faculty commends the book as a scholarly investigation of a significant biblical-theological issue with many helpful insights.

2. Neither the faculty, the editors, nor the contributors intended this book as an official publication of WSC or as an expression of the theological position of WSC on this biblical-theological issue.

3. The faculty believes that seeing the Mosaic economy as in some sense a republication of the covenant of works is within the parameters of the seminary's doctrinal standards as are some other historic interpretations of the Mosaic economy.

4. The faculty also wants to make clear its conviction that John Murray's approach to the Mosaic economy was within the parameters of WSC's doctrinal standards and that the faculty has great appreciation for his orthodox reflection on the work of Christ, particularly the active obedience of Christ, and on justification.