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Seen and Heard: VanDrunen in Christianity Today
Seen and Heard: VanDrunen in Christianity Today

A recent article appeared on Christianity Today's website entitled, Why Natural Law Arguments Make Evangelicals Uncomfortable. Among other things, the article states:

For one, evangelical retrievals of a distinctively Protestant natural law tradition have gained ground in recent years. Stephen Grabill's Rediscovering the Natural Law attempted to wrest the Reformed ethical tradition away from Karl Barth's immense shadow, as has the work of David VanDrunen. 

Give the article a read! And for further reading on the subject, give Dr. VanDrunen's books a read as well. For a historical survey, see his Natural Law and the Two Kingdoms, and for an entry-level book on the two kingdoms, see his Living in God's Two Kingdoms. And for an introduction to natural law in Scripture, see his A Biblical Case for Natural Law. Tolle et lege! ("Take up and read!")