Westminster Seminary California
Notable Quotable: Ned Stonehouse’s First-hand Description of Machen’s Classroom Presence

The message of Galatians may take on an extraordinary freshness and contemporaneity, especially in an age when the gospel of the grace of God in Christ is undergoing eclipse, as Luther had discovered. And in the hands of Machen it became alive and relevant to the present situation, though his devotion to his task of expounding the text was such that he did not yield to the temptation of making direct applications to the ecclesiastical scene of his own day. At least when the present writer was in his classroom, it was felt not merely that Luther had been reborn, but that Paul himself had become alive, and was teaching and proclaiming as a fresh message the evangel that stands in irreconcilable opposition to 'another gospel which is not another.'

Taken from Stonehouse's, J. Gresham Machen: A Biographical Memoir