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New Faculty Essay: Horton on Ephesians 4.1-16
New Faculty Essay: Horton on Ephesians 4.1-16

The latest faculty publication is an essay by Dr. Horton, "Ephesians 4.1-16: The Ascension, the Church, and the Spoils of War." The essay is part of Theological Commentary: Evangelical Perspectives, edited by R. Michael Allen and published by T & T Clark. Dr. Horton's essay is a great piece on the significance and importance of Christ's ascension (note, not the resurrection, as important as it is) for the doctrine of the church. It's definitely worth a read.

The book itself is a contribution to the growing trend of theological commentaries on Scripture. For far too long theology has been quarantined from the process of writing biblical commentaries. The New Testament guild has decried bringing one's theological presuppositions to the exegetical task and has wanted to wrestle with the text alone. All the while the same scholars who have decried bringing theology to the exegetial process have hypocritcally brought their own theology through the back door. It is therefore refreshing to have theologians offering exegesis and organically based theological observations in the interpretive task. 

The book's contributors include, among others, Michael Allen, Kelly Kapic, Daniel Treier, Kevin Vanhoozer, Scott Swain, Henri Blocher, D. A. Carson, and Andrew McGowan, Ryan Peterson, and Walter Moberly. You can buy a copy of the book here. Enjoy!