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New Faculty Books!
New Faculty Books!

There are two new books out! The first is Confident of Better Things: Essays Commemorating Seventy-Five Years of the OPC. The book has twenty-six different contributors including, "Was Adam Historical?" by Robert B. Strimple, "Reflections on the OPC and URCNA," by W. Robert Godfrey, "Called to the Ministry," by Bryan Estelle, and "The Audacity to Be Reformed: The OPC and the Next Twenty-Five Years," by J. V. Fesko. If you want to peruse the table of contents, you can find it here.






The second book is by Visiting Professor of Church History, D. G. Hart, entitled, Between the Times: The OPC in Transition, 1945-90. This is a fascinating read, as it chronicles the history of the OPC in the wake of the foundation of the church. Much time and ink has been devoted to J. Gresham Machen and the founding of the OPC, but few are as familiar with the years that follow. The book thematically presents the history of the OPC and covers things such as the attempts to join with the PCA and the reasons why the merger failed. One need not belong to the OPC to find it an interesting window into life in the Reformed church scene in the mid- to late-twentieth century. 

If you don't own copies of these books, buy them! They're priced to sell and they are excellent sewn-binding hardback books. In other words, they're built to last!