Westminster Seminary California
New Counseling Classes at WSC!

We at the seminary are pleased to announce that we have officially entered into a partnership with the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation (CCEF), which is located in Glenside, Pennsylvania. Through our cooperative agreement students may select to take one or more courses via distance education for elective credit toward their WSC degree requirements. The teaching faculty for these courses have been appointed as WSC adjunct faculty. The newly approved courses are:

PTC510 Dynamics of Biblical Change (3 hrs) David Powlison, Ph.D.
PTC520 Counseling in the Local Church (2 hrs) Timothy S. Lane, D. Min.
PTC530 Helping Relationships (2 hrs) Edward T. Welch, Ph.D
PTC610 Counseling Problems and Procedures: Topics in Biblical Counseling (3 hrs) Edward T. Welch, Ph.D
PTC710 Theology and Secular Psychology (3 hrs) David Powlison, Ph.D.

For general information about these courses and about CCEF, consult the CCEF website here. Current WSC students with questions about these courses and how to enroll in them should contact the registrar for more details.