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New Book That Gives Insights About Machen
New Book That Gives Insights About Machen

Here at WSC we're big fans of all things Machen. For those of you who are Machen fans, there is a new book based upon interviews of those who knew Machen personally. The book are the memoirs of OPC Pastor David K. Myers, whose daughter, Mary Peterman (the organist at New Life, La Mesa, PCA), has saved them for years--they are about his life as a circuit preacher on the Dakota plains.  These memoirs are now available in paperback or as a free e-book. You can find more information about the book here.

Here's a couple quotes from the book to give you an idea about its content. Regarding Machen's untimely death:

Dr. J. Gresham Machen, though ill, came out to Bismarck to help his “boys” when they were facing possible loss of their church properties. …At the end of his tour, he was to speak in the city auditorium in Bismarck. I remember it well, for my wife and three children (John was a year old,) accompanied me as we traveled through the extreme weather the 120 miles from Lemmon to Bismarck to hear him. … A perfect gentleman, he was first a man of God who knew what it was to stand, like Luther, who had said only three centuries earlier, “Here I stand, I can do no other.” No other man was as responsible as Dr. Machen, for his stand was without compromise and led many young men to follow in his steps.

Here's a reflection from Pastor Myers on his own ministry:

For some 32 years I have been absent from the northern Plains area which I call “My Country.” I have had periods of great loneliness for it. I can fancy still the shouts and sounds of gunfire of riders, exuberant horsemen, rushing through the street on Saturday nights on “Silk Stocking Avenue” in Fairview, Montana, firing into the air. I can feel the pressure of a quick crush with my car into the huge snow drifts in the wake of blizzard seasons; the warm hospitality of the Plains people. I remember the joyful shouts of little children in Vacation Bible Schools; the young lad who joyfully received Christ at a Vacation Bible School, then said just before he succumbed from tubercular meningitis, “I go to dwell in the house of the Lord forever;” and the singing around the late evening camp fires of revived young people in Bible conferences and Camps. And I remember the exhausting nights after full days of preaching five or six times a Lord’s Day, the many miles traversed; but all, all forgotten in the joy of seeing souls saved at points in a far flung parish. However, it is all ending in gladness!