Westminster Seminary California
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If you happen to live near by the seminary, you have the opportunity to sit in on two different classes: English Bible Survey and Reformed Confessions, both offered on Wednesday evenings beginning in February and running through early May. Our English Bible Survey is a course the covers the entire Bible. If you are new to the Christian faith or simply want to brush up on your Bible knowledge, this course offers a wonderful opportunity to do so. The course is taught by one of our instructors, Rev. Zach Keele. 

The Reformed Confessions course alternately covers the Westminster Standards and the Three Forms of Unity. This year we're covering the Westminster Standards. The course is an overview of the history and theology of the Confession. If you are a minister, ruling elder, or simply someone who wants to deepen your understanding of the system of doctrine contained in Scripture, by all means, sit in on this class. The course is being taught by our Academic Dean, John Fesko.

You can obtain a Listener's pass application form here.

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