Westminster Seminary California
Latest Faculty Publication!
Latest Faculty Publication!

WSC's latest faculty publication comes from Dr. Fesko and is titled, Christ and the Desert Tabernacle. The book covers the Exodus narratives that give the plans for the construction of the desert tabernacle and demonstrates their connections to Christ and the church.

Scott Swain, the Academic Dean, and Associate Professor of Systematic Theology at RTS Orlando offers this back-cover comment:

In this book, John Fesko expounds biblical teaching about Christ's tabernacle-building project with the skill of an exegete, the discernment of a theologian, and the voice of a pastor. The result is a volume that is sure to promote greater understanding, admiration, and service of the One who declared: 'I will build my church' (Matt 16:18).

Keep your eyes peeled (as painful as it might be), as the bookstore will have the title in stock very soon. For more information, you can go to the publisher's website here.