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Latest Faculty Publication!
Latest Faculty Publication!

If you're interested in the doctrine of union with Christ, check out WSC's latest faculty publication, J. V. Fesko, "Geerhardus Vos and Louis Berkhof on Union with Christ and Justification," Calvin Theological Journal 47/1 (2012): 50-71. Sometimes Vos and Berkhof are pitted against one another, as if Vos was only interested in biblical theology and Berkhof was only interested in systematic theology. Many do not know that Vos was one of Berkhof's professors. Many do not know, at least in terms of a page-count, that Vos probably wrote more systematic theology than he did biblical theology. This essay explores the fact that Vos and Berkhof are nearly identical in their understanding of the relationship between union and justification. In fact, set side-by-side, one gets the distinct impression that Berkhof copied Vos! What also makes this essay interesting is its appendix, the translation of Vos's section on the ordo salutis (order of salvation) from his Compendium on Systematic Theology. Derke Bergsma translated this section out of Vos, and it is, I believe, the first time it has appeared published in translation. You know the tag line, tolle et lege! Take up and read!

p.s. The pic is of Louis Berkhof.

4 / 26 / 2012