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Faculty Conference Preview: Baugh
Faculty Conference Preview: Baugh

Do you love to read the Bible but sometimes find yourself challenged by its message? Do you struggle to understand how the New Testatment relates to the Old? If so, give thought to attending our annual faculty conference on January 13th and 14th, 2012. Here's a preview from the lecture that Dr. Steve Baugh, professor of New Testament, will deliver:

Following the New Testament Model

The Bible presents itself as one continuous story from beginning to end. Like a good story, though, the end is not fully disclosed in the beginning, but only hinted at. From that point on, the story evolves slowly from beginning, to middle, to end as it progresses inexorably to its climactic finish. One helpful way to describe this movement in Scripture is with the phrase “the organic development of redemptive revelation,” or more simply, “organic development,” which is a way of describing the Bible’s essential unity maintained within its unfolding story of redemption. There is true development in redemptive revelation, because it is tied to an unfolding history of redemptive accomplishment. But this divine revelation’s essential unity is never lost as it revolves around is true core, the disclosure of the person and work of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is the heart of what we in Reformed circles call “Biblical Theology.”

There are a host of biblical passages we could examine to verify and illustrate this organic development of both redemptive revelation and of redemptive history, many of which constitute very long passages and even the bulk of whole books of the New Testament. For time’s sake, in this lecture we will briefly explore two short passages in the New Testament, one from Hebrews and one from Galatians, to make our points. In the end, understanding Scripture’s majestic, diverse unity in Christ may very well transform your reading of both Testaments.

For more information about our annual conference, click here. We hope to see you there!