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Faculty Conference Preview
Faculty Conference Preview

In case you haven't heard, WSC is hosting our annual faculty conference, January 18th and 19th, entitled, The Whole Armor of God. The Conference is celebrating and covering the Belgic Confession and Heidelberg Catechism. The Conference speakers include: W. Robert Godfrey, David VanDrunen, Steve Baugh, Scott Clark, J. V. Fesko, and Mike Horton.

Here's a preview of Steve Baugh's message:

The Belgic Confession opens by stating, “We all believe with the heart and confess with the mouth that there is one only simple and spiritual Being, which we call God . . .” while the Heidelberg Catechism opens with the question, “What is your only comfort in life and in death?” These highlighted terms and the overall interests of these historic documents have led to the title of my talk: “The Helmet of Salvation: Confession and Comfort” (Eph. 6:17). I will focus especially upon the activity of confession in the Scripture and what that means for us today. We will look particularly and in some detail at the passage in Romans (Rom 10:8–13) which the Belgic Confession quotes in its opening statement (Rom 10:9). What we will find is that public confession of our faith leads to our comfort “in life and in death.”

If you haven't already registered for the conference, you can find more information here. And while face-to-face is always best, if you can't make it, don't forget that we'll be live streaming the conference. We hope to see you there!