Westminster Seminary California
Dr. Godfrey’s Charge to our Graduating Class
Dr. Godfrey’s Charge to our Graduating Class

Each year WSC holds a reception the night before graduation where Dr. Godfrey delivers a charge to the outgoing class. Dr. Godfrey's charges are substantive but seasoned with appropriate humor, though this year his tone was a bit more subdued. Dr. Godfrey is still his cheerful and jovial self, but he wanted to impress upon our outgoing class the seriousness of serving Christ's church and being faithful to his gospel. The salvation and damnation of people weighs in the balance and while we should not take ourselves too seriously, we most certainly should take the gospel seriously. There are powerful and influential institutions masquerading as churches, beacons of light, but by all standards of measurement fall dramatically short of the scriptural marks of a church. As the Westminster Confession states, some of these so-called churches have become "synogogues of Satan." 

You can find Dr. Godrey's charge here. Listen to this address, as I am sure you will be blessed.

6 / 1 / 2012