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Book Review: The Writings of John Calvin-Expanded Edition by Wulfert de Greef
J. V. Fesko
Book Review: The Writings of John Calvin-Expanded Edition by Wulfert de Greef


Wulfert de Greef, The Writings of John Calvin: Expanded Edition (1989; Louisville: Westminster John Knox, 2008). 253pp. Cloth. $40.00.

Students of the theology of Calvin know that the famous Genevan was one of the more prolific authors of the Reformation. And while the tip of the iceberg of his writings can be found in his Institutes of the Christian Religion and his commentaries, there are a host of other works by Calvin that merit attention by the careful historian or student. In 1989 Wulfert de Greef published a most helpful work, The Writings of John Calvin: An Introductory Guide. This work has proven to be immensely helpful to the student of Calvin’s thought, as it gives a thorough treatment of all of Calvin’s major works, giving backgrounds, historical contexts, and helpful bibliographies on primary and secondary Calvin literature. This updated second-edition of de Greef’s work, however, is a welcome edition.

While Calvin ceased writing with his death in 1564, there has been no cessation of the production of different editions of Calvin’s works, most notably the critical edition of his original-language exegetical commentaries. Additionally, new translations of a number of Calvin’s works, such as his The Bondage and Liberation of the Will, have been published since de Greef’s first edition. Hence, de Greef includes Calvin works and key secondary-source literature that has been published since 1989 in this new second edition.

Scholars, students, and interested laymen who want to know more about the theology of Calvin can benefit, therefore, from this terrific resource. 

7 / 27 / 2011