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A New Old School is out!
A New Old School is out!

Institutions all have histories, but few of them take a reflective moment to pause and remember how they were born. Such an exercise is not self-focused navel gazing but rather a recognition of all of the various people and great sacrifices that have been made to create, build, and seek to help others. In this case, WSC is very excited to announce the release of Westminster Seminary California: A New Old School, which recounts the thirty-year history of the seminary. There are a significant number of people mentioned in the book, such as Strimple, Clowney, den Dulk, and many others that people will undoubtedly be interested to see how they played a part in founding an "old school" seminary on the West coast.

However, this book is undoubtedly of interest to anyone who wants to understand how the Reformed faith has related to American religion in general, as the book sets the founding of the seminary in the theological context of the "wild West." One of the challenges has always been to maintain a decidedly Reformed and confessional seminary in the context of the ever-changing theological landscape of West coast "Christianity" in all its varied forms. In other words, when J. Gresham Machen sought to establish an old school seminary in Philadelphia, the founders of Westminster Seminary California sought to be faithful to Machen's original mission. It is this story that readers will find interesting. One way to characterize this story is, Has WSC moved to the far right or has it simply maintained its identity as a confessional Reformed school and the surrounding evangelical landscape has shifted to the left?

If you're interested, you can purchase a copy of the book HERE. Or, if you are more digitally minded, e-versions both in the Amazon Kindle, HERE, format and Apple iBooks format HERE. In fact, if you are part of the community of WSC alumni, then you can receive a free digital copy of the book. Click HERE for more information.

Tolle et lege, or take up and read!