Westminster Seminary California
Latest Office Hours! An Interview with Mike Brown and Zach Keele

What is a covenant? Is "covenant" something imposed onto Scripture, or does it organically arise from Scripture? What is the covenant of works, the covenant of grace, and the covenant of redemption? How does covenant theology help us make sense of the whole Old Testament? What is the role of the Mosaic covenant in the administration of the covenant of grace? Is there any difference between the Abrahamic and Mosaic covenants? What is the relationship of those covenants to the New Covenant?

On this special episode of Office Hours, R. Scott Clark will discuss these things and more with two WSC graduates, Rev. Michael Brown, Pastor of Christ United Reformed Church in Santee, CA, and Rev. Zach Keele, Pastor of Escondido Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Escondido, CA, co-authors of Sacred Bond: Covenant Theology Explored.

You can find this latest episode here.