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Faculty Conference Preview: David VanDrunen
Faculty Conference Preview: David VanDrunen

It's the final countdown! Just a week to go before our annual faculty conference, The Whole Armor of God.

Here's a preview of Dave VanDrunen's lecture:

Throughout the Scriptures God's people respond to God's revelation with confession, sometimes with a confession that God himself gives them and sometimes spontaneously. Confession is in fact the proper response to the revelation of God and his salvation--the one who confesses that Jesus is Lord and believes in his heart that God raised him from the dead will be saved. Christians today ought to be eager to confess their Lord and his work. But it is crucial that confession not be an end in itself. Confession must be grounded in the truth, and therefore must spring from the Scriptures; confession is secondary while Scripture is primary. Confession must be at the heart of our communal Christian life, but for it to be worthwhile we must grasp and embrace the Scriptures that underlie and vivify our confession.

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