Westminster Seminary California
Changes to Westminster’s Campus Over the Past 25 Years


As I was walking around campus today and going into the front office I was thinking about all the changes that have happened to this beautiful place over the past 25 years or so.  Most of the current students and maybe some of the more recent graduates probably had no idea where things used to be or what used to occupy a given space.  For the sake of reminiscing here is a list that I came up with.  (If anybody can, please let me know if there are things I got wrong things or things I forgot!)


Current space... used to be... old space

- The Seminary Campus used to be in an office building complex in San Marcos

- Originally the classroom building and chapel used to be hillsides

- The Academic Dean's Office used to be the President's Office

- The President's Office used to be the McGill Lounge

- The Development office and the Admin Conference room used to be the Student Lounge (That is why Dawn's office has an outside door!)

- The wall behind the Front Office Assistant used to not be there

- The door leading into Henry Doorn's office space used to be on the opposite wall, leading into the front office

- The CPR room used to be Classroom 2 which was then turned into a 2-camera video recording studio.

- The Bookstore extending into the library used to be Classroom 3 (did you wonder why we only have classrooms 1, 4, and 5?)

- A large portion of the Periodical room used to be Bookstore

- The eastern part of the WHI offices used to be part of classroom 1

- Van Ee's office used to be part of the Maintenance room

- The back parking lot used to be all dirt

- The north-side driveway used to stop and not go through (I can't remember exactly where it ended) 

- The clock tower used to be a planter box with a tree


Ahhhhh... memories.

Mark Vander Pol (M.Div. 2009, part of the WSC family since 1983)

1 / 6 / 2011