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Drowning in Bibles
J. V. Fesko

I recently received a Christian bookstore catalog in the mail, and so I began to flip through its pages, naturally. One thing I noticed was how large the Bible section was. Among the many standard translations, KJV, NKJV, NIV, TNIV, NAS, CEB, ESV, RSV, NRSV, there was a glut of niche market Bibles

4 / 20 / 2011
Understanding the Confession: Ussher’s Body of Divinity
J. V. Fesko

Many who confess the Westminster Standards perhaps do not know how the confession and catechisms were composed. At the time, a common practice in confession writing was to begin with an existing confessional document and proceed to edit, review, and build upon it. This practice was the case with the Westminster Standards. 

Understanding the Confession: Robert Rollock’s Select Works
J. V. Fesko

Who in the world is Robert Rollock (1555-59)? Great theologians have the habit of disappearing beneath of tidal wave of time, the avalanche of new books always being published, and the relentless drove of new theologians being minted each generation. Nevertheless, Robert Rollock was an important sixteenth-century Reformed theologian whose writings deserve our attention.

Understanding the Confession: Dickson’s Truth’s Victory Over Error
J. V. Fesko

Not too many people are likely familiar with David Dickson (1583-1663). Dickson was a Scottish theologian and contemporary of the Westminster Assembly. Dickson was one of the first moderators of the General Assembly in 1639 and was the co-author of the now famous Sum of Saving Knowledge. 

On the importance of the biblical languages
J. V. Fesko

I recently read a book on a famous but perhaps now little-known Dutch Reformed theologian by the name of Petrus van Mastricht (1630-1706).