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Understanding the Confession: William Perkins’ A Golden Chain
J. V. Fesko

Sometimes some of the best books go out of print, but then again sometimes those books are reprinted, giving them new life and a new readership. The republication of William Perkins’ (1558-1602) A Golden Chain is definitely a book worthy of reading. To say the least, Perkins’ influence in his own day was significant. He was one of the leading Reformed theologians of the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, whether in his native England or on the continent. Perkins wrote a number of works but perhaps none so famous as his Golden Chain.

Book Review: Why Heaven Kissed Earth by Mark Jones
J. V. Fesko

If you do a search for books on or about the well-known Puritan theologian, Thomas Goodwin, one is hard-pressed to find very much. In this respect Jones’ work fills a...

Book Review: Charles Hodge by Paul C. Gutjahr
J. V. Fesko

Charles Hodge (1797-1878) is a massive theological giant among a field of Lilliputians, and this is putting it mildly. No American theological professor taught more graduate students than Hodge, well over three thousand. He edited over one...

Understanding the Confession: Thomas Watson’s Body of Divinity
J. V. Fesko

The Westminster Standards are an important set of documents that include the Confession, Larger, and Shorter Catechisms. There are a number of helpful resources on the book market that can help a student understand what the Standards teach concerning the Scriptures and the doctrinal truths therein.

Understanding the Confession: The Covenant of Life Opened by Samuel Rutherford
J. V. Fesko

Samuel Rutherford (1600? - 61) may not be a household name in our own day, but in the seventeenth-century Rutherford was a theological giant among the Lilliputians. Rutherford was one of the Scottish advisors to the Westminster Assembly, as they were sent to give counsel and participate in the debates but were not allowed to vote.