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Book Review: Justice in Love by Wolterstorff
David M. VanDrunen

This new volume is of interest to the WSC community, and Reformed circles more broadly, for a number of reasons. For one thing, it deals with an issue of perennial importance and debate for Christian theology and ethics: the relationship of love and justice.

Rejoinder to Dr. Carl Zylstra—President of Dordt College
David M. VanDrunen

Dr. Godfrey has asked me to write a response to Dordt College president Carl Zylstra’s recent review of my book, Living in God’s Two Kingdoms: A Biblical Vision for Christianity and Culture. Given the very negative tone of the review and the fact that Dordt College and my institution (Westminster Seminary California) both claim to be Reformed institutions and serve overlapping constituencies, I agreed to do so.

Book Review: God, Justice, and Society by Jonathan Burnside
David M. VanDrunen

The giving and interpreting of the law of God occupies an enormous part of the Bible. Students of Scripture cannot help but wrestle with the law’s meaning and purpose, but the task is often daunting and provokes more than its share of theological controversies. This work by Jonathan Burnside, a law professor at the University of Bristol in England, is the best book on God’s law that I have read for a while; in fact, it is the best book of any sort that I have read for a while.

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Two Kingdoms and Moral Standards
David M. VanDrunen

Several people have asked me recently whether, according to the two kingdoms doctrine, Scripture is the moral standard for the spiritual (or redemptive) kingdom but not for the common kingdom. I thought it might be helpful to offer a few brief points to clarify my own position.

The Kingdom of Christ in 1 Samuel
David M. VanDrunen

Whether you're serving as a pastor or working full time in a secular field, one thing that I hope we have in common is devotion to the church of Jesus Christ. Preaching recently from 1 Samuel 24 was a helpful reminder to me of the nature of Christ's kingdom as we now experience it in the church. Perhaps a few reflections on this chapter of Scripture may be of encouragement to you as you labor for the church in various ways.