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Valiant for Truth - Worship

A Pastor’s Reflections: Public Prayers

This may come as a surprise but one of my least favorite things to do as a pastor is offer public prayer. I have, I believe, good reasons for my dislike of public prayer.

A Pastor’s Reflections: Listen, Don’t Critique

One of the biggest problems in Reformed churches, I believe, is that people come to church to critique the sermon rather than listen to it. How so? In Reformed churches there are always a number of theological commandos, people who love to study the Bible, read serious theological works, and encourage and spur others on to improve their own knowledge.

A Pastor’s Reflections: Pew Widows

I think few people give thought to the reality that pastor’s wives are pew widows each Sunday. What everyone else in church takes for granted, sitting with your spouse and family, is something that the pastor and his family cannot do.

A Pastor’s Reflections: Don’t Read E-mail on Sundays

Among the regular activities I have is reading my e-mail—I love mail in all forms. Like many, I am wired—I always have my e-mail up when I’m using my computer, I have a smart phone, and if I’m in the car, I’ll have my wife read me my e-mails while I’m driving.

A Pastor’s Reflections: Life Happens in Church

In Reformed churches there is great care and attention given to the idea that the worship service is a time of joy but it is also supposed to marked by solemnity. After all, we are meeting with the triune God. When we think of Isaiah, who fell upon his face in the presence of our thrice holy God, or Peter, who upon recognizing his own sinfulness, fled the face of Christ out of shame, we do not want to approach our merciful covenant Lord with a flippant attitude.