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Book Review: Sing a New Song by Joel Beeke and Anthony Selvaggio

Westminster Seminary’s beloved professor and president, Dr. Godfrey, convinced me to recover psalm singing in worship. He took his argument, I know now thanks to Sing a New Song, from Calvin’s Preface to the Psalter (1543).

Upcoming Second Annual Reformation Worship Conference

For those of you in the Southeast, there's a great conference on the horizon. The Second Annual Reformation Worship Conference will be held at historic Midway Presbyterian Church, in Powder Springs, Georgia, pastored by WSC trustee, David Hall.

8 / 22 / 2011
Four-year old Preacher?

Today over at the Huffington Post there's a story about a four-year old preacher. The little boy has established a reputation for himself because he first "preached" when he was two years old. 

Book Review: America’s Four Gods by Paul Froese and Christopher Bader

As the title of the book suggests, Paul Froese and Christopher Bader—professors of sociology at Baylor—undertake a survey of Americans' conception of God. In the introduction they comment that in their research they found one’s answers on the nature of God often reflected much about one's own personality.  

Book Review: Quitting Church by Julia Duin

It is common knowledge these days that not all is well within evangelicalism. Recent books have chronicled the problems from different angles, among them Julia Duin’s Quitting Church: Why the Faithful are Fleeing and What to Do About it (Baker Books, 2008). In the first chapter, Duin makes the case that numerically the church is declining. She cites several studies that put church attendance around 20 to 30 per cent of the population, a drop of about 20 percentage points since the 1970s. The decline does not necessarily describe a lessening of belief, but rather a growing Christian population that does not go to church.