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The Primary Purpose of the Church

Foreign missions is undoubtedly one of the primary tasks of the church. After all, it was Christ who commanded his church to evangelize the nations in the Great Commission.  Moreover, we know that the apostle Paul was one who had a great zeal for missions.

Latest Office Hours Episode: Dr. Horton on Eastern Orthodoxy

Office Hours talks with Dr. Michael Horton about what Eastern Orthodoxy is, why some evangelical and Reformed Christians are
tempted to convert to Eastern Orthodoxy, and how we should respond.

New Faculty Essay: Estelle on Passover and the Lord’s Supper

Dr. Bryan Estelle, Associate Professor of Old Testament here at WSC, has a new essay that has been published in Children and the Lord's Supper, edited by Guy Waters and Ligon Duncan. 

Latest Office Hours! An Interview with President Godfrey!

Check out the latest edition of Office Hours. This episode is an interview with President Godfrey and WSC trustee, David Hall, pastor of Midway Presbyterian Church

Book Review: Sing a New Song by Joel Beeke and Anthony Selvaggio

Westminster Seminary’s beloved professor and president, Dr. Godfrey, convinced me to recover psalm singing in worship. He took his argument, I know now thanks to Sing a New Song, from Calvin’s Preface to the Psalter (1543).