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Book Review: The Worship Architect by Cherry

This book does not delve into detail into the Regulative Principle.  It does not quote the Westminster Confession of Faith, or the Three Forms of Unity.  It is not a book on Reformed worship. So if the book that you are looking for is an introduction to Reformed worship, this book is not for you. Before you stop reading this review, however, know that a book cannot be summarized by what it is not.

The Primary Purpose of the Church

Foreign missions is undoubtedly one of the primary tasks of the church. After all, it was Christ who commanded his church to evangelize the nations in the Great Commission.  Moreover, we know that the apostle Paul was one who had a great zeal for missions.

Book Review: We Become What We Worship by Beale

In the introductory chapter of his book, G. K. Beale asks the question, “[W]hy is the Old Testament so soaked with the explicit problem of Israel’s idolatry, but the New Testament is not so occupied with this subject?” (28).

Covenant Worship: Introduction

Sooner or later, every church must wrestle with the best way to integrate her children into the corporate worship service of the church.

10 / 5 / 2011
Latest Office Hours! An Interview with President Godfrey!

Check out the latest edition of Office Hours. This episode is an interview with President Godfrey and WSC trustee, David Hall, pastor of Midway Presbyterian Church