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On the Death of Osama bin Laden

Dr. Horton has a thoughtful and insightful post on the death of Osama bin Laden 

Seen and Heard: VanDrunen in Christianity Today

A recent article appeared on Christianity Today's website entitled, Why Natural Law Arguments Make Evangelicals Uncomfortable. Among other things, the article states:

Book Review: The War for Righteousness by Richard M. Gamble

America has always thought of itself as special. In many ways, it is. And this is not really a problem until “special” becomes confused with “messianic.” Richard M. Gamble, a history professor at Hillsdale College, has written a book about America’s “complicated messianic identity,” (17) and how progressive clergy used that messianic consciousness to encourage America to enter World War I.

Book Review: Letters to a Young Calvinist by James K. A. Smith

James K. A. Smith’s, Letters to a Young Calvinist exposes the overemphasis of TULIP among “new Calvinism,” and encourages young Calvinists to avoid pride and arrogance that often accompanies theological exercise. The format of this book is straightforward. Each chapter is a letter to “Jesse,” (the name is unimportant; think of yourself as the addressee) from an experienced Reformed mentor, who pastorally shows concern and counsel.

Two Kingdoms and Moral Standards
David M. VanDrunen

Several people have asked me recently whether, according to the two kingdoms doctrine, Scripture is the moral standard for the spiritual (or redemptive) kingdom but not for the common kingdom. I thought it might be helpful to offer a few brief points to clarify my own position.