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Book Review: Paul Missionary of Jesus by Paul Barnett

Some might find Paul difficult, but it seems even harder to sift through the many books about him. A student wanting to begin study on the Apostle is overwhelmed by the mountain of scholarship. Who dares to start with the 2 volume 1200+ pages by Farrar in 1879?

Book Review: Genesis by R. R. Reno

In introducing his theological commentary on Genesis (part of the Brazos series) R.R. Reno warns the reader that the format will be a bit unusual and he does not disappoint. Instead of doing verse-by-verse exegesis, Reno divides the book into five...

Strimple’s Lectures Now Online!

Robert B. Strimple, scholar, pastor, former president of Westminster Seminary California, and professor of Systematic Theology, is now on-line!

Words and Things Part 6
S. M. Baugh

I once preached through the book of Hebrews. When I arrived at the end of the book I was very excited about preaching on the benediction in Heb. 13:20-21. I love benedictions. If you study the ‘mother of all benedictions,’ that of Aaron in Num. 6:22-27, you find that God views the benediction not as a prayer...

Words and Things Part 5
S. M. Baugh

We’ve already looked at two things that will be further illustrated here. First is that we have to be very careful with the whole notion of a “literal” translation. Literal does not necessarily mean more accurate. The other thing is the difference between a gloss (i.e., an English word substitute for a Greek word) and description of a word’s meanings. Both of these will come into play when we examine the use of the phrase “do truth” in 1 John 1:6.