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Recommended Pastoral Reading, pt. 2

In our last post, we recommended books that had to do with the faith and life of the minister of the word.  In this post, we give our recommendations on homiletics resources.

A Pastor’s Reflections: Book Allowance

I have found it to be true, that as a general rule, people do not like to pay for maintenance, whether it is for their home or car, for example. Replacing the air conditioner on your home can be very costly, and after you’ve spent thousands of dollars, at least on the surface, you don’t have much to show for it.

Free Resources on Preaching Christ

We've bundled our best resources for pastors on one convenient page: "Him We Proclaim: The Art and Science of Preaching Christ."

A Pastor’s Reflections: They Shoot Pastors, Don’t They?

One of the more challenging tasks for the minister is standing in the pulpit and delivering a sermon. I once read that public speaking is feared more than death itself, but some might be under the impression that the preacher is at ease and does not fear mounting the pulpit after many years in the pulpit.

Eating with Our Ears: Thoughts on Isaiah 55.1-3

Most anyone who has worked in the culinary world or watches popular competitive cooking programs such as Iron Chef America or Chopped has undoubtedly heard the expression “you eat with your eyes first.” In preparing a plate of fine food, visual presentation is important, at least in the restaurant world. A skilled chef should not only be able to transform his ingredients into a meal that tastes good, but one that looks good too, for we tend to eat with our eyes before we eat with our mouths.