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Category – Preaching

A Pastor’s Reflections: Don’t Listen to Sermons

When students cross the threshold and enter the hallowed halls of seminary, those who enroll in the Master of Divinity program usually have one big goal in mind—they want to be preachers. This is a perfectly natural and understandable goal, one to which all MDiv students should aspire. Seminaries, therefore,…

Preaching is Not a Lecture

Michael S. Horton
"Preaching involves teaching, but it is much more than that. The sacramental aspect of the Word--that is, its role as a means of grace--underlies Reformation teaching. The preaching of the gospel not only calls people to faith in Christ; it is the means by which the Spirit creates faith in…
February 6, 2014

The Primary Purpose of the Church

Foreign missions is undoubtedly one of the primary tasks of the church. After all, it was Christ who commanded his church to evangelize the nations in the Great Commission.  Moreover, we know that the apostle Paul was one who had a great zeal for missions.  But if we were to…

Him We Proclaim: Defining and Defending Apostolic Homiletics (Introduction)

Dennis E. Johnson
Westminster professor Dennis Johnson gave two lectures at the annual Preaching Conference sponsored by Westminster Theological Seminary (Pennsylvania) on October 20, 2010. His topic was apostolic, christocentric homiletics. Valiant for Truth will be publishing a transcript of these lectures in segments every Wednesday, starting today! Get ready to learn about…
September 7, 2011