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Valiant for Truth - Pastoral Ministry

A Pastor’s Reflections: The Past Does Not Define You

One of the things I regularly encountered as I counseled people in my pastorate was a fear of the past. Sometimes a person carried around his past like chains, or as the cliché goes, like a lot of baggage

A Pastor’s Reflections: College and Church

Chances are you will have high school students in your church who grow-up, graduate, and move away to go to college. When it comes time for this stage in life, there is an important thing that you should counsel these soon-to-be college students and their parents.

A Pastor’s Reflections: Theological Outlets

One of the more important things you need to tend to in your ministry is ensuring that you have some theological outlets. What do I mean? Well, chances are you will be one of the most theologically educated people in your congregation.

A Pastor’s Reflections: Do The Right Thing

I served on a session with two godly elders for whom I was and am very grateful. We had a great degree of harmony among us, and when we disagreed about some things, God was kind to enable us to figure out a solution. On a number of occasions we faced very difficult circumstances.

A Pastor’s Reflections: Do The Next Thing

“What do I do next?,” is one of the frequent questions I receive when I’m counseling someone through difficult circumstances or in the wake of a great tragedy.