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Book Review: Longing for God in an Age of Discouragement by Bryan Gregory

This commentary is part of THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO THE OLD TESTAMENT series put out by P&R. In the forward the aims of the series are stated:

Is the Bible Reliable?

A recent article appeared over at MSNBC and it's certainly provocative. 

Book Review: The Immigration Crisis by James K. Hoffmeier

To say that the issue of immigration in the United States is a “hot topic” would be an understatement. There is strong rhetoric on either side of the debate at the national level. But even within the Church there are strong opinions that resonate with cries of “compassion” on one side, “submission to the government” on the other, and every shade in between.

Book Review: Genesis by R. R. Reno

In introducing his theological commentary on Genesis (part of the Brazos series) R.R. Reno warns the reader that the format will be a bit unusual and he does not disappoint. Instead of doing verse-by-verse exegesis, Reno divides the book into five...

Book Review: Show Them No Mercy: Four Views on God and Canaanite Genocide

Four men, all of whom say they believe in the authority and inspiration of the Scriptures, seek to tackle the problem that many of us tend to push to the back of our minds: how do we understand mass murder, or what these men call “herem warfare,” with the God of the Bible? September 11th, Rwanda, the Holocaust and countless other herem warfare-type activities have occurred throughout history, but more poignant is the fact that it is even in our own Bibles (cf. Deut 20:16-17).