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Latest Faculty Publication!

WSC's latest faculty publication comes from Dr. Fesko and is titled, Christ and the Desert Tabernacle.

Book Review: A Gracious and Compassionate God by Timmer

Daniel Timmer, the Canadian theologian, just finished his volume on Jonah called, A Gracious and Compassionate God, from the New Studies in Biblical Theology series. Timmer attempts to give a biblical theological account of the book of Jonah through the lenses of three themes: Mission, Salvation, and Spirituality.

Faculty Conference Preview: Van Ee

If you haven't already signed up for our upcoming faculty conference, please do so! One of our conference speakers is Assistant Professor of Old Testament, Josh Van Ee. Here's a brief glimpse at what Prof. Van Ee will cover in his lecture:

Book Review: Immanuel in Our Place by Longman

Tremper Longman’s book is a must read. For biblical scholars and pastors, it is a great review. For those who may find Meredith Kline a daunting read, Longman's book is simpler. For anyone interested in facilitating a Bible study...

Book Review: We Become What We Worship by Beale

In the introductory chapter of his book, G. K. Beale asks the question, “[W]hy is the Old Testament so soaked with the explicit problem of Israel’s idolatry, but the New Testament is not so occupied with this subject?” (28).