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Book Review: Histories and Fallacies by Carl Trueman

Most who read this review probably have no desire to research and write history, so why read a book on how to do it? First, even if you never intend to put your own ideas to paper, Carl Trueman’s Histories and Fallacies will equip you to evaluate the historical writings of others, as well as develop your skills in critical thinking.  

Book Review: The Theology of B. B. Warfield: A Systematic Summary
Kim Riddlebarger

Anyone familiar with the life and career of B. B. Warfield, knows that Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield was a very prolific writer. But how prolific was the Lion of Princeton? 

1 / 19 / 2011
The Three Bobs

Here at WSC we fondly refer to our first three presidents as the "three Bobs"--Robert B. Strimple, Robert G. den Dulk, and W. Robert Godfrey! If we are to keep with tradition, our next president must be a Bob!

12 / 28 / 2010
Notable Quotables

Here at the VFT blog we will be featuring a regular column called Notable Quotables that will feature thoughtful and insightful theological observations by Reformed theologians, past and present. One of the things we emphasize at WSC is learning from the theological giants of the past. Any time we come to the Scriptures, we have to realize that God through Christ and the Spirit has sovereignly gifted preachers and teachers of the church with ability to understand and communicate the wonderful treasures of God's truth.