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Book Review: The Reformation Reader by Janz

The Protestant Reformation has been a period of history often caricatured and misrepresented by many different groups of people, whether they be present-day Christians, Marxists, or atheists. Usually these inaccurate portrayals arise from ignorance of the details of what actually happened during this revolutionary timeframe.

Book Review: Christian Apologetics Past and Present by Oliphint and Edgar

Though the veracity and content of the Christian faith remain constant in the midst of an ever changing landscape of competing worldviews, every generation must give a fresh voice to that content. And yet so much of the false teaching that the Church faces, even today, has appeared at some point in the history of the Church under some other name.

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Building the Minister’s Library: Letters
John G. Bales

Written correspondence between Christians has played an important role in the past social life of the church. Pastors and theologians have exchanged letters between their colleagues, their friends and the members of their congregations. Some of these letters have been preserved for us and provide interesting and even edifying insights into the Christian life. 

Building the Minister’s Library: Church History
John G. Bales

The noted Lutheran theologian, Gerhard Ebeling, wrote a provocative essay entitled, “Church History is the History of the Exposition of Scripture.”[1] The essay attempts to locate the place of church history within the broader study of theology, defining its relationship to it.