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Latest Faculty Publication!

WSC's latest faculty publication is Dr. Fesko's Beyond Calvin: Union with Christ and Justfication in Early Modern Reformed Theology (1517-1700). What's the book all about? Here's the publisher's description:

Book Review: The Betrayal by Bond

In the past few years there have been a number of cookbooks which give recipes that sneak healthy food into tasty dishes. I have firsthand experience with some of these recipes and can testify that some are hits (spinach brownies) and some are misses (beet pancakes—youch!).

Latest Faculty Publication!

WSC's latest faculty publication has been released and seen in the wild!

Basics of the Reformed Faith: Justification
Kim Riddlebarger

Reformed Christians affirm without hesitation that the doctrine of justification is the article of faith by which the church stands or falls. Although the oft-cited comment is attributed to Martin Luther, it was actually the Reformed theologian, J. H. Alsted (1588-1638), who first put these words to paper–no doubt echoing Martin Luther in doing so.

Historical Claims about Union with Christ
Michael S. Horton

In the follow-up to Dr. Horton's recent interview on Christ the Center about union with Christ and justification, he has offered this series of historical observations regarding claims about union with Christ. It's well worth the time to read it!