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Words and Things Part 4
S. M. Baugh

Last time, we looked at the difference between glosses and word meanings. A gloss is an English word substitute and is of concern primarily to translators, while meaning is a brief description of a word’s referent. I illustrated this difference with some rather simple nouns, but now let’s look at a more theologically rich example of the difference with a verb dear to the heart of any Protestant: “I justify” (Greek dikaioõ; pronounced: dee-kai-AH-oh).

Notable Quotable: Machen on the Representative Death of Christ

Christ died that death, which the law fixes as the penalty of sin, when He died upon the cross; and since He died that death as our representative, we too have died that death

What Faith Is
Bryan D. Estelle

I was rereading Machen's What is Faith and came across the following quote

Machen Conference Today!

There's still time to register! The conference starts this evening. If you're not in the area, then you can catch the live-stream of the conference! We hope to see you here.

Notable Quotables

Here at the VFT blog we will be featuring a regular column called Notable Quotables that will feature thoughtful and insightful theological observations by Reformed theologians, past and present. One of the things we emphasize at WSC is learning from the theological giants of the past. Any time we come to the Scriptures, we have to realize that God through Christ and the Spirit has sovereignly gifted preachers and teachers of the church with ability to understand and communicate the wonderful treasures of God's truth.