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Office Hours: The Lure of Rome

Office Hours talks to Dr. W. Robert Godfrey, President of Westminster Seminary California and Professor of Church History, about why evangelicals and other Protestants become Roman Catholic and how we should respond.

Five Views on Justification?

As we noted several days ago, there is a new book out, Justification: Five Views. The contributors include Michael Bird (Progressive Reformed), James D. G. Dunn (New Perspective), Veli-Matti Karkkainen (Deification), and Gerald O’Collines and Oliver Rafferty (Roman Catholic). 

11 / 16 / 2011
Book Review: The New Perspective on Paul by Kent Yinger

In the diverse body of literature concerning the New Perspective on Paul (hereafter “NPP”), it seems as if each addition adds either clarity or confusion. The New Perspective on Paul: An Introduction, by Kent Yinger, is one of the former which introduces the topic to those less familiar in order to “make things understandable” and “relatively brief” (ix).

Dr. Horton on Justification

Dr. Horton has a new essay that has just been released, "Traditional Reformed," in Justification: Five Views. In one sense, it's a bit sad that there is a "five views" book on justification. 

10 / 19 / 2011
Words and Things Part 4
S. M. Baugh

Last time, we looked at the difference between glosses and word meanings. A gloss is an English word substitute and is of concern primarily to translators, while meaning is a brief description of a word’s referent. I illustrated this difference with some rather simple nouns, but now let’s look at a more theologically rich example of the difference with a verb dear to the heart of any Protestant: “I justify” (Greek dikaioõ; pronounced: dee-kai-AH-oh).