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Valiant for Truth - Justification

Latest Office Hours: Justification and Sanctification with Dr. Horton

Office Hours continues with the series entitled, "New Life in the Shadow of Death," by talking with Dr. Michael S. Horton, J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics

Interview with Dr. Fesko on Justification

Recently Dr. Fesko taught at Ligonier Academy for their Doctor of Ministry Program. He taught a course on the doctrine of justification.

Faculty Conference Preview: Scott Clark

Dont' forget, we have our annual faculty conference coming up in a little more than a week! Here's a preview of Scott Clark's lecture:

Latest Office Hours! Fesko on Galatians

Office Hours talks with Dr. J. V. Fesko, Academic Dean and Professor of Systematic Theology and Historical Theology, about his commentary on Galatians from the Lectio Continua Expository Series on the New Testament

Latest Faculty Publication!

WSC's latest faculty publication is Dr. Fesko's Beyond Calvin: Union with Christ and Justfication in Early Modern Reformed Theology (1517-1700). What's the book all about? Here's the publisher's description: