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Valiant for Truth - Hermeneutics

Book Review: Immanuel in Our Place by Longman

Tremper Longman’s book is a must read. For biblical scholars and pastors, it is a great review. For those who may find Meredith Kline a daunting read, Longman's book is simpler. For anyone interested in facilitating a Bible study...

Building the Minister’s Library: Typology
John G. Bales

One of the definitions of typology is “that form of biblical interpretation which deals with the correspondence between traditions concerning divinely appointed persons, events, and institutions, within the framework of salvation history” (E. Achtemeier, IDBSup, 926-27.) A common example of biblical typology with respect to divinely appointed persons is the correspondence between Adam and Christ (Rom. 5:14).

E. J. Young on the Importance of Knowing Hebrew and Greek

E. J. Young (1907-68), Professor of Old Testament and founding faculty member at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, once wrote the following about the importance of knowing the biblical languages

Book Review: Apocalypse and Allegiance by J. Nelson Kraybill, Part 1

J. Nelson Kraybill thinks that you can understand the Book of Revelation—not necessarily that it is easy to understand every symbol in the book, but that the average Christian can understand the main points of the book and their application...

Words and Things Part 6
S. M. Baugh

I once preached through the book of Hebrews. When I arrived at the end of the book I was very excited about preaching on the benediction in Heb. 13:20-21. I love benedictions. If you study the ‘mother of all benedictions,’ that of Aaron in Num. 6:22-27, you find that God views the benediction not as a prayer...