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Latest Office Hours: An Interview with Kevin DeYoung

In this episode Office Hours talks to Kevin DeYoung, Senior Pastor at University Reformed Church, about the missional movement, the kingdom of God, and the mission of the church.

Book Review: Everything You Know About Evangelicals Is Wrong by Wilkens and Thorsen

The use of the words “evangelical” or “evangelicalism” continues to be the source of no little consternation in conversations amongst professing Christians. In some corners, they have come to connote everything that is thought to be wrong with Christianity in the 21st century.

5 / 14 / 2012
Hollywood and Christianity

The other day I was watching a show that, surprisingly, made reference to “Dutch Calvinism.” To say the least, I was shocked because ordinarily reference to Christianity is dominated by either a generic evangelicalism, which at times mirrors spiritual mysticism more than biblical Christianity, or Roman Catholicism, which is one of the more common forms of Christianity, at least socially (not theologically) considered.

Dr. Johnson at Pastors Conference in Uganda

Dr. Johnson will be speaking at a pastor's conference in Uganda this summer. The conference is co-sponsored by African Bible University and Joy to the World Ministries. JTWM was founded by WSC's M.Div. alumnus (from Malawi) Fletcher Matandika, who is now pastor of a church in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Latest Office Hours! An Interview with Mike Horton

Check out the latest Office Hours episode, an interview with Mike Horton!