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Valiant for Truth - Eschatology and Last things

Basics of the Reformed Faith: The New Heavens and Earth
Kim Riddlebarger

When people speak of heaven, they often use images of their favorite places (i.e., the beach, or Yosemite), or they describe some sort of disembodied existence where their immortal soul will finally be set free from the limitations imposed upon it by the human body.

Basics of the Reformed Faith: The Second Coming
Kim Riddlebarger

The biblical account of the redemption of our fallen race takes many twists and turns throughout the course of redemptive history.  But the story comes to a glorious resolution when we come to the final chapter of the story.

Follow-up on Harold Camping

Last year the web was buzzing with Harold Camping's prediction about the end of the world. Camping's organization spent millions of dollars on various forms of advertisements to warn people of the inpending consummation.

Harold Camping and the End of the Word: Part 5
W. Robert Godfrey

Harold Camping has not only deserted the church, he seems also to have deserted Christ and his Gospel. In his online book The End of the Church…and After, he began to reject a number of teachings on salvation common in Reformed churches. Consider this strange amalgam of biblical truths and errors all of which Camping rejects as errors so serious that Christ has ended the church age because of them: “Such conclusions that there can be divorce for fornication, baptismal regeneration, our faith is an instrument that God uses to bring us to salvation, a future millennium, women can pastor a church, universal atonement, our acceptance of Christ as a requirement for salvation, are typical of many doctrines solemnly adopted by churches.” In this statement are indications of serious confusion on the doctrine of salvation.

Harold Camping and the End of the Word: Part 4
W. Robert Godfrey

Camping’s calculations and allegorical readings eventually led him to a truly heretical conclusion: that the age of the church was over and that all Christians were required to separate themselves from all churches. I had rather admired him over the years for not making himself a minister without proper education. I had never dreamed that he would instead abolish the pastoral office and the church.