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Book Review: God and Creation in Christian Theology by Kathryn Tanner

The problem of how to correlate God’s sovereignty and human freedom has been a persistent question throughout the history of Christian theology. Rather than offering a full-fledged constructive solution to the God-world relationship, in this work, Kathryn Tanner proposes linguistic rules for coherent Christian discourse about God’s sovereignty and human freedom. According to Tanner, modern theology has been stuck in an irresolvable struggle over the incoherence of its statements concerning the relationship between God’s sovereignty and the dignity of creaturely reality.

3 / 26 / 2012
Interview with Dr. VanDrunen on the Two Kingdoms

If you're interested in learning more about the historic Reformed doctrine of the two kingdoms, you can check out an interview with Dr. VanDrunen

Basics of the Reformed Faith: Divine Image Bearers
Kim Riddlebarger

With the language of the eighth Psalm clearly in mind (“you have made [man] a little lower than the heavenly beings and crowned him with glory and honor” v. 5), Reformed theologian Cornelius Van Til once declared that Adam was created to be like God in every way in which a creature can be like God. 

1 / 17 / 2012
Scientists Say We May Be Alone In the Universe

A recent article reveals that science is not as objective as many would like to think. An scientists from Princeton and the University of Tokyo have challenged one of the commonly accepted theories about the possibility of life on other planets. The currently accepted theory presupposes that out of all of the cosmos, ten thousand planets have the proper conditions to sustain life. 

Basics of the Reformed Faith: Creation
Kim Riddlebarger

As C. S. Lewis was fond of saying, “God likes matter. He invented it.” Although people can easily overlook this important theological connection, the Christian doctrine of God demands a corresponding Christian doctrine of creation. There are...

7 / 22 / 2011