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Valiant for Truth - Counseling

A Pastor’s Reflections: Accountability and the Truth

Part of my pastoral ministry involved making regular visits with the members of my congregation. My elders and I did our best to visit every household in the congregation once a year.

A Pastor’s Reflections: Christ Loves Us All

Over the years in the pastorate I can truly say I met all kinds of people—big rig drivers, business people, fighter pilots, nurses, doctors, former professional football players, mothers, parents, children, and the like.

A Pastor’s Reflections: Never Counsel a Woman Alone

One of the regular tasks of a pastor is to offer counseling for members of the congregation. Over the years in my counseling I dealt with a number of issues from ranging from the mundane to the outright bizarre.

Doctrine of the Two Clarks?

Here at WSC we don't take ourselves too seriously, so it should be no surprise that Dr. Glomsrud celebrated Reformation Day by dressing up as his favorite theologian

11 / 1 / 2012
New Counseling Classes at WSC!

We at the seminary are pleased to announce that we have officially entered into a partnership with the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation (CCEF), which is located in Glenside, Pennsylvania.