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Valiant for Truth - Counseling

A Pastor’s Reflections: Never Speak Ill of Your Children

When I first contemplated entering the pastorate, I never realized that sometimes the church can be an ugly place. In fact, St. Augustine is reported as saying, “The church is a whore, but I must love her anyway because she is my mother.”

A Pastor’s Reflections: Smokescreens

In my labors as a pastor one of the things I learned about people is that they often take great pains to create camouflage for themselves. Like a lizard changing the color of their skin so they can hide from predators, people in the church will create camouflage so that others in the church, especially elders and pastors, don’t see the problem areas in their lives.

A Pastor’s Reflections: The Past Does Not Define You

One of the things I regularly encountered as I counseled people in my pastorate was a fear of the past. Sometimes a person carried around his past like chains, or as the cliché goes, like a lot of baggage

Don’t Go Alone

Among the regular duties that a pastor must carry out is regular in-home visits with members of the congregation. In the first year of my ministry I can remember an elder churchman in the presbytery telling me, “Always take one of your ruling elders with you when you make home visits. There are too many benefits to ignore and too many liabilities when you go alone.”

A Pastor’s Reflections: Silence is Golden

One of the most difficult circumstances a pastor will face is offering counsel in the wake of a death in the church. Death often comes upon a church with little to no warning.