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Two Kingdoms and the URC

Within the last few months the intesnity of the two kingdoms discussion within the United Reformed Churches of North America has picked up considerable heat with very little light. But one recent bright spot comes from one of WSC's alums, Matthew Tuininga and his post on these matters.

A Pastor’s Reflections: You Can’t Go Home Again

Among the different types of people you will encounter throughout your pastorate are those who have just moved into town and are looking for a new church home. This is a very common scenario given our ever-transient culture in which we now live.

Horton on the Two Kingdoms

For those of you interested in the historic Reformed doctrine of the Two Kingdoms, Dr. Horton recently participated in a round-table discussion with faculty members from Covenant College at Lookout Mountain, Georgia.

Latest Office Hours: An Interview with Kevin DeYoung

In this episode Office Hours talks to Kevin DeYoung, Senior Pastor at University Reformed Church, about the missional movement, the kingdom of God, and the mission of the church.

Book Review: Encountering Theology of Mission

Encountering Theology of Mission, a comprehensive work in the field of missions written by Craig Ott, Stephen J. Strauss and Timothy C. Tennent, is the perfect remedy for a discipline often diseased by shallow theology.