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Book Review: God so Loved, He Gave by Kelly Kapic

In today’s environment where mercy ministries are all the craze, one often finds that the Gospel and The Ministry are conspicuously missing. In his new book, God so Loved, He Gave, Kelly Kapic does a masterful job of avoiding common pitfalls by showing that mercy, generosity, and ministry, are not products of people’s imagination. Rather, they are products of God’s divine generosity towards his people who become conduits of his love and mission to bless the nations.

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2 / 2 / 2011
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The Whole Faith Is Essential: Part 2
Michael S. Horton

The division between essentials and non-essentials has allowed evangelicals of various stripes to focus on the central articles of the Christian faith (identified by the Nicene Creed) while many of their denominations were evaporating into the smog of liberalism. Yet it has also had a tendency to foster reductionism.  

The Whole Faith Is Essential: Part 1
Michael S. Horton

Certainly, all Christians can agree on the clear scriptural teaching that charity should be shown in all cases, to all people, in all circumstances. We are not only to speak the truth, but to speak it in love, gentleness, and humility (1 Pet 3:15-16).