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Meditations on the Larger Catechism, pt. 3
Danny Hyde

We exist to glorify and enjoy God. But that begs the question of whether there are reasons for belief in a god in the first place. There are three offered in Q&A 2: the light of conscience, the light of creation, and the light of the canon.

Why Seminary Is Still Relevant

Why do seminaries exist? There are undoubtedly a number of different answers to this question, but in the light of recent discussions on the web regarding revisiting the nature of seminary education, hopefully VFT readers will find some helpful answers to this question as it relates to WSC.

Meditations on the Larger Catechism, pt. 1
Danny Hyde

I am thankful for the invitation to contribute to the Valiant for Truth blog. In the series that follows, I will be offering Meditations on the Larger Catechism, which will include exposition and application of this wonderful statement of Christian teaching from our Reformed Protestant tradition.

E-books or Books?

If you haven’t already noticed there is something of a publishing revolution going on around us with the advent of digital publishing. About five years ago e-books were not very common, though present. I can remember looking at a first generation e-reader and thinking that it seemed like a nice idea but that the technology had not yet reached my reading needs. Well, things are changing—quickly. This brings the question, What is better, e-books or books?

Eat Your Vegetables

I was recently reading my son a book that featured popular talking vegetables. I’m not sure where the book came from, but my son asked me to read it to him. The book was supposed to be about Easter. I thought to myself, “Well, I’m not sure how this will turn out but I’ll give it a read.”