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Refreshing the Reformed Pastor

“In the Reformed tradition we have embraced the ideal of the learned pastor,” and to be “a learned pastor … requires ongoing study,” writes Dr. David VanDrunen in his Ordained Servant article, “Sabbaticals for Pastors”. VanDrunen acknowledges, however, that “it can be very difficult for pastors to find adequate time engage in the kind of reading and study that enables them to fulfill [this] pastoral ideal” - which is why churches should consider sabbaticals for their pastors.

Interview with Dr. Fesko on Justification

Recently Dr. Fesko taught at Ligonier Academy for their Doctor of Ministry Program. He taught a course on the doctrine of justification.

A Pastor’s Reflections: Just Follow the Formula

There are all kinds of formulas in life—formulas for getting rich, getting thin, reaching your life-goals, advancing your career, and successfully managing your time. I think that people often lack the wherewithal to figure things out and so they want specific step-by-step instructions.

Are you called to the ministry?

One of the most common questions that prospective students ask is, "How do you know whether you should be a pastor?"

Seminary: a Wife’s Perspective

Seminary has been one of the best experiences for our family. Nick began attending Westminster Seminary California three months before we got married and has a year and a half left.