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E-books or Books?

If you haven’t already noticed there is something of a publishing revolution going on around us with the advent of digital publishing. About five years ago e-books were not very common, though present. I can remember looking at a first generation e-reader and thinking that it seemed like a nice idea but that the technology had not yet reached my reading needs. Well, things are changing—quickly. This brings the question, What is better, e-books or books?

Eat Your Vegetables

I was recently reading my son a book that featured popular talking vegetables. I’m not sure where the book came from, but my son asked me to read it to him. The book was supposed to be about Easter. I thought to myself, “Well, I’m not sure how this will turn out but I’ll give it a read.”

Steve Jobs, Simplicity and Seminary Education

These days Apple is the premier tech company, if such things are measured by corporate ledgers. But what many might not know is that Apple was once a faltering company on the precipice of bankruptcy. Steve Jobs was one of the original founders of the company but was pushed out. 

Face-to-Face in a Facebook Age

Steve Jobs was responsible for many of the technological revolutions that we now use on a regular basis. While Jobs did not invent e-mail or video chat, his products greatly facilitated their expansion and use. Apple computers were some of the first machines, for example, to incorporate built-in cameras into monitors, laptops, phones, and tablets. 

Why Should You Come to Seminary?
Michael S. Horton

According to the surveys, most Americans have at least one Bible. They say they even revere it. Over half say they believe that it’s inspired and inerrant! Yet the same surveys reveal an appalling lack of familiarity with its most basic plot, characters, and teachings. The statistics are pretty even for those from evangelical, “Bible-believing” backgrounds.